An Oasis Of Flavoured Sausage Rolls

We put the rock "n" Roll into  our sausage rolls, we have taken the old British Favourite and gave it a twist making it that bit more edgy and exciting, what could be better than an old classic with some new flavours.

Try a Guinness and Black Pudding or a Bombay Belta, what about a Lamb and Mint or Highland Haggis, one things for sure our sausage rolls are totally unique.

It's not just our many different flavours that make our sausage rolls stand out from the crowd, it's also how we make them we start out with the best of British pork hand mix our sausage meat then pipe it by hand in our beautiful flaky Puff Pastry then they are baked to perfection, we really think you will struggle to find a better sausage roll.

Where Can You Find Us ?

Like all good Rock "n" Rollers we are out on the road at County Shows, Vintage Steam Rallies, Agricultural Shows, Classic Car Shows, Carnivals, Fairs and Food Festivals around the UK serving our delicious selection of hand made flavoured sausage rolls.

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